Advance Ruling Mechanism in GST
Check List for Advance Ruling Mechanism
Date of Advance Ruling
Trade Name
Subject Matter
02/11/2018 Premier Vigilance & Security Pvt Ltd

Whether the benefit of sntry no. 66(a) of the Exemption Notification for service is available to the applicant

02/11/2018 Premier Vigilance & Security Pvt Ltd

Premier Vigilance and Security_Whether toll charges are deductible under rule 33

28/09/2018 RLJ Woven Sacks Pvt. Ltd

Classification of PP Leno Bags

28/09/2018 Manali Enterprise

How should the service of printing question papers for educational institutions be classified

18/09/2018 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

Whether input credit is admissible for GST paid on freight for transporting Petro products to export warehouse

18/09/2018 SMVD Polypack Pvt. Ltd

Classification of PP Leno Bags

01/08/2018 Garuda Power Pvt Ltd

Whether a supplier to SEZ units and developers is liable to pay tax

20/07/2018 Vesuvius India Ltd Whether the activity proposed to be undertaken under Contract Management System (CMS) will result in Supply of goods & services within the meaning of the term under CGST/WBGST Act, 2017
20/07/2018 East Hooghly Polyplast Pvt Ltd "HDPE Woven Tarpaulin” will be classified under HSN 6306 of the GST Tariff
06/07/2018 Mega Flex Plastics Ltd

What should be the classification of PP Leno woven bags.

05/07/2018 M D Mohta

What should be the classification of Rakhi.

30/05/2018 GKB Lens Pvt Ltd.

Whether value of supplies to branches in other states is to be determined under Second Proviso to Rule 28.

30/05/2018 Photo Products Company Pvt Ltd

Whether activity of printing by a photo lab is supply of goods or service and its classification

28/05/2018 IAC Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

Whether tax is payable on transportation and allied services relating to supply of goods.

11/05/2018 EMC Ltd.

Whether and at what rate tax is payable on freight on supply of materials in a composite supply of works contract.

03/05/2018 Sreepati Ranjan Gope & Sons

What will be the classification and rate of tax for railway track maintenance work

21/03/2018 Global Reach Education Services Pvt Ltd

Provides foreign universities services relating to enrolment students from India and wants to know whether it is intermediary

21/03/2018 Switching Avo Electro Power Ltd.

Whether UPS with battery is a composite supply

09/04/2018 Sika India Pvt Ltd.

Whether block joining mortar is classifiable under heading 3214 of the Customs Tariff Act 1975

17/01/2018 Joint Plant Committee

Whether it is required to be registered under the GST Acts

17/01/2018 Akansha Hair & Skin Care Herbal Unit Pvt Ltd

Whether its skincare preparations are medicaments